1. Encourage your church to celebrate Important Global days
           a. 08 MAR: International Women’s day
           b. 05 JUN: World Environment Day
           c. 17 JUL: World day for International Justice
           d. 21 SEP: International Day of Peace
           e. 09 DEC: International  Anti-corruption day
2. Organize workshops to the Church members on Peace, Security, Justice, Governance and Environment
3. Identify and participate in seminars/ workshops/ roundtables related to Thematic areas in your local town/ city
4. Participate actively in your national advocacy groups
5. Attend and/or sponsor others to attend strategic International conferences and provide inputs for the same
6. Facilitate Christians to seek and join strategic positions in the Government, Business, Media and other institutions.
7. Write in the social media including Transbiblica Facebook page, twitter handle, Blog site,
8. Write articles/ stories in print media and social media, as well as Christian magazines
9. Network with other likeminded people by joining Transbiblica
10. Join with other Christian advocacy groups and press for action
11. Form a local bible study on Transbiblica thematic areas and facilitate their monthly meet
12. Organize workshops/ Seminars/ rallies concerning local/ global issues

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