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A Webinar on ‘Effective Risk Management for local churches during COVID-19’

26 July 2020, 6:30pm- 8:00pm;  
Since the beginning of corona virus, thousands of local churches had to stop Sunday worship services, without knowing when they could reopen again. As the countrywide lock down and other restrictions are lifted, few local churches started opening their weekly services, but cautiously. As the COVID-19 positive cases are still increasing, the air is filled with uncertainty and confusion.


Corona virus is not only killing people, it’s crushing family incomes and pushing them into an ever-ending debt trap. The future is looking bleak for many countries, with weakened capacities to face any eventuality. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, with people not knowing how and when this pandemic end.


There is a great need for local churches to be aware of the context in which we are living in, and how to mitigate the short term and long term risks which affects them. Local churches also needs to understand the emerging opportunities this pandemic is bringing to our fold, so that we can utilize those and continue to minister to the congregation more effectively. 


In this context, Transbiblica and Christian Institute of Management (CIM) are jointly organizing a webinar on ‘Effective Risk Management for local churches during COVID-19’


Purpose: To facilitate local churches to identify and mitigate potential risks, as well as utilize potential opportunities arising due to COVID-19

Date & Time: 26 July 2020, 6:30pm- 8:00pm


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Content of the webinar:

          Risk Environment (How long will this coronavirus last)

          Risk Assessment (What are the possible risks for the churches)

          Risk Management (How do churches need to deal with risks)




Resource Person

6:30p- 6:35p

Opening Prayer


6:35p- 6:40p

Welcome and Introduction


6:40p- 6:50p

Overview: Coronavirus- Spread, duration and its Impact on local church

Dr Santosh Mathew

ICMDA, New Delhi

6:50p- 7:00p

Suggested Risk Management Framework

Mr Abey Abraham, Risk Management Expert, Chennai

7:00p- 7:10p

Case Example: How a local church is identifying and managing the Risk

Pastor Manav Das,

Delhi Bible Fellowship

7:10p- 7:20p

Risk management from a Missiological Perspective

Mr Anand Joshua,

Executive Director, CIM

7:20p- 7:30p

Risk management from a Development perspective

Mr Ramesh Babu,

Executive Director, EFICOR

7:30p- 7:40p

Summary and Conclusion: Risk Management for Local Churches

Dr Jayakumar Christian

Former National Director, WVI

7:40p- 7:55p

Questions from the audience


7:55p- 8:00p

Closing Prayer




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