This September, world leaders gather in New York for a momentous occasion: the Summit of the Future. As Christians, we are called to be engaged citizens, informed by our faith. The Summit seeks solutions – a “Pact for the Future” – to the challenges plaguing humanity. But where do we look for the “how”?

The Bible reminds us that God, the sovereign Lord, created and controls all (Jeremiah 10:10). We see His power in Jesus’ miracles: healing the sick, calming storms, even rising from the dead! This world, His creation, deserves a more unified approach, reflecting God’s perfect order.

History shows human attempts at global governance often fall short. They become tools for self-interest, mirroring the disunity of a world fallen from grace. However, the Bible also speaks of a coming Kingdom, ruled by the perfect King – Jesus Christ (Revelation 19:16).

So, what is our role? We are called to be “salt and light” (Matthew 5:13-14), influencing the world for good. The Summit is an opportunity to show God’s love in action: advocating for peace, justice, and care for His creation.

The existing agreements mentioned (UN Charter, etc.) represent the “what” – goals we already share. The Summit seeks the “how” – how to better cooperate and meet present needs while planning for the future.

Here, we can find common ground. God desires good stewards of His creation (Genesis 1:28). The Summit can be a step towards better global management, reflecting God’s desire for order and unity.

Let us pray and take part in shaping up the Summit. Pray for world leaders to be guided by wisdom and compassion. And let us remember the true hope for a perfect world lies with our coming King.