The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a leading benchmark that measures peacefulness across 163 countries. Compiled by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), it ranks nations based on 23 indicators like internal conflict, societal safety, and militarization.

The 2023 GPI, the 17th edition, paints a concerning picture. Global peace has deteriorated for 13 consecutive years, with only a slight improvement in a few countries. Iceland continues its reign as the most peaceful, while Afghanistan remains at the bottom for the eighth year running.

Scoring is done on a scale of 1 (most peaceful) to 5 (least peaceful). A lower score indicates greater peacefulness. The report analyzes trends, economic impact of peace, and how societies can cultivate peace.

The GPI highlights a widening gap between the most and least peaceful countries. Europe remains the most peaceful region, while the Middle East and North Africa continue to struggle.

Despite the downward trend, the GPI offers valuable insights. By understanding the factors that contribute to peace, nations can develop strategies to build more peaceful societies, ultimately leading to a more tranquil world.